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My Real Estate Investing Strategies Have Produced Over $250 Million For Me and my students!

"$65k Net 1st Flip"

Nick is the real deal. Our first major flip in Las Vegas allowed us to net $65k. This man does it all and continues to inspire us and support our dream.

Milton & Maki Lopez


This program is way more than I expected and I can truly say I will definitely recommend to those that are actually serious in investing in real estate.

Martha Hernandez

"8 Flips So Far"

Nick has taught me a lot about the luxury side of fix & flip, I thoroughly enjoy what Nick has taught me.

James Mitchell

Nicks Knowledge


Nick started as a contractor and over 22 years has developed his unique style of Real Estate investing and drives bigger profits through construction.

Wealth Building

Building a legacy of Wealth has always been at the core of Nicks unique investing strategy.

Fix & Flip

Nick has done hundreds of fix &. flips over the last 22 years. Nick has developed a reliable formula for profitability in literally any market.

Luxury Real Estate

Flipping Luxury Real Estate isn't for the timid. Nick has made millions flipping luxury real estate.

Real Estate Education

Nick is driven to always give back and build community. After 22 years of real estate investing, Nick mentors hundreds of students nationwide.


Nick leads multiple 7 figure business where his leadership style has helped drive profits and inspire his teams.

I've Spent Over 20 Years Developing My Unique Method For Making Millions In Real Estate..

From Iowa to Arizona, Nick picked up and moved with nothing but $300 in his pocket. Real Estate first piqued Nick’s interest while he was working on homes. Over the next 5 years, his business expanded across state lines to Nevada.

Today, Nick’s business ventures are as diverse as the houses across the country. He has mastered all aspects of the business – analyzing market conditions, finding deals, leveraging creative financing, project management, construction, building highly profitable companies, as well as the path to generational wealth.

Nick has over 20 companies under his belt and his business endeavors consist of luxury Real Estate, wholesale, land development, custom construction, private chartering, and the list goes on.

Nick’s “always hungry” mindset has resulted in $250+ million in Real Estate sales and several companies that produce seven figures.


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